the perfect meal

Pineapple Smoothie & Whole Wheat Bagel with Peanut Butter.

Why is this the perfect meal you say? The PB bagel has whole grains, protein, & even a little needed fat to keep you feeling full all morning. And the smoothie has fruits, veggies, & protein with a little sweetness to keep you happy all morning.

smoothie recipe
substitute pineapple for the berries in last week's smoothie recipe here.

bagels to heart
The alternative bagel [110 cal, smaller, fiber & calcium enriched] *pictured
Alvarado St Sprouted Wheat Bagel [organic & hearty]
Trader Joe's also has a great whole wheat bagel. You can find a good bagel at most grocery stores. Just try to stick to whole wheat.

The right way to do peanut butter
Adam's Natural Peanut Butter [no bad fats that come from proccessing]
Costco also has a good version in their Kirkland Signature brand. Again, you can find a good version anywhere. Things to look for: stirrable, natural, no trans-fats & no hydrogenated oils.

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