au revoir

I have to start by saying just how grateful to & inspired by all you wonderful readers I am. I've had so much fun working on this little project. In the past year of Have Your Cake's existence, I've gotten to hear from so many of you & I've learned so much about myself. 

In case you haven't noticed, I've been a little distracted lately. I've been busy with friends, family, & life (oh, and did I mention I have a job?). And to be perfectly honest, I prefer it that way. I'm so sad to say good-bye. I love this little space I've created. But instead of talking about yoga, I want the time to be on my mat. Instead of talking about how much I heart my husband, I want to to spend time with him. I've been filling every minute of my day with busyness, when what I really need is a little more time for jenny and a little more time for other people. 

I'll continue tweeting here and there, answering questions on formspring, and I would love love love to be facebook friends. I wish you all the best. I hope you enjoy lots of delicious food and treat your body well. Here are some of my favorite sites for you to continue having your cake!

real simple
women's health
whole living
cooking light
balanced body



my ever-evolving philosophy no. 10

Keeping sweets on hand is just too darn temptingHaving it around all the time often means frozen yogurt  for lunch & cookies for dinner. No good for my tookus & no good for my energy. If I really want something, I can make it into a fun little outing, enjoy it, and be done with it

hello hello

Hello my lovely readers! I'm back! I've had no end of visitors, parties, & projects. Life has finally slowed down a bit & I can't wait to get my namaste on and have a little quiet time in a clean apartment. I'm working on a new yoga/zen/mellow-yellow playlist. And I'm so over sugar after a week of eating endless leftover baby shower desserts-- or I was, until I was enticed into picking up some chocolate fudge brownie frozen yogurt this morning. This visual treat of Rrrr serenading me I want it that way at our pal's karaoke birthday shindig, is just for your viewing pleasure.

friday favorites

Love slimming down my kitchen with these little tweaks. self.

Love these meal ideas from this flat belly diet. wh.

Love my nivea. I've tried everything. Nothing is quite so good to my skin or smells so clean.

Ready for fall running in this jacket. nike.

And did I mention I would love a little time to do this? yj.

giveaway winners!

And the three lucky ladies are...

& Lindsey

Get me your mailing address and then you can await your goody bag! I loved what you all had to say. Some seriously great essentials. If you haven't checked them out, do.


Remember how I mentioned things have been crazy? Well the insanity is relentless. I'm hoping to come up for air very very soon. I'm very happy to say I've still been able to squeeze in my workouts & some time with my newly free-and-easy Rrrr. But hyc is looking a little sad this week. Not to worry. The giveaway winners will be announced tomorrow! So if you haven't entered  yet, you still have time. Don't miss this week's friday faves! And next week will be a fully booked Have Your Cake week.

enjoy your weekend

Rrrr is finally done with his exam & we're celebrating with his amazing sister jenny, the other jenny [We've had lots of fun with the double name thing]. I hope you enjoy your weekend and enjoy something delicious.


guest feature + giveaway!

It's your lucky day! We have an awesome giveaway sponsored by Dove Visibly Smooth Deoderant. They have teamed up with celeb trainer, Kacy Duke to bring you her fitness essentials, and the chance for three lucky readers to win a goody-tote bag with a Lucy® workout tank and Dove Visibly Smooth [minimizes the look and feel of underarm hair over time to help women feel stubble free for longer]. I think I'm sold.

To enter, read Kacy's essentials and leave a comment sharing one of your own. It can be food,  an item of clothing, a product, a workout, a book, and you get an extra entry if you mention HYC... just kidding. enjoy!

1] Commit to the Commitment - Creating a strong and fit body is an evolution, not a revolution! It takes time and commitment, so start exercising slowly and establish monthly goals.
2] Prepare what you Wear - Wear breathable cotton clothing while working out because it allows for easy bending, stretching and moving. If weather permits, Kacy recommends sleeveless tops to help keep cool in and out of the gym. For sleeveless ready confidence she chooses Dove Ultimate Visibly Smooth anti-perspirant/deodorant, which minimizes the look and feel of underarm hair over time to help women feel stubble free for longer. It includes Dove 1/4 moisturizers to help care for delicate underarm skin while providing 24-hour odor and wetness protection.
3] Changes and Challenges - Kick the old, boring fitness routine to the curb and start to challenge yourself. Add new dance moves to your routine! Add weights to your cardio activity - Keeping your workout fresh and new will give an extra boost of motivation!
4] Location, Location, Location - No matter what time of year… find fun & unusual locations - Check out your state’s official website to find a forest preserve or lake in close driving distance where you can enjoy a challenging work out on new terrain, such as hiking or kayaking. Or keep it fresh and try something like belly dancing, ballet classes, zumba or Kacy Duke’s own Underground Groove.
5] The Clean Machine - Give your body, soul and home a makeover. Housework burns calories, so clear out the clutter and donate to those in need. It’s a fantastic way to head into the New Year!
6] Simple Steps, little rewards - Start your morning with a brisk power walk to a neighborhood café. Treat yourself to a hot cup of tea afterward, you deserve it!

6+ simple ways to snack

You know I love a good snack. I loved whole living's guide to snacking so much that I thought I'd share my faves.

When you need something just right, for anytime. homemade granola.

When you need something salty. steamed soybeans with coarse salt.

When you need something of substance. oat-bran applesauce mini-muffins. or these blueberry health muffins.

When you need something sweet. banana, berry, & buttermilk pops.

When you need just a bit of chocolate. cocoa popcorn.

And when you need something rich but not too rich. dark chocolate almond clusters. and some other yummy things to do with nuts.