6+ simple ways to snack

You know I love a good snack. I loved whole living's guide to snacking so much that I thought I'd share my faves.

When you need something just right, for anytime. homemade granola.

When you need something salty. steamed soybeans with coarse salt.

When you need something of substance. oat-bran applesauce mini-muffins. or these blueberry health muffins.

When you need something sweet. banana, berry, & buttermilk pops.

When you need just a bit of chocolate. cocoa popcorn.

And when you need something rich but not too rich. dark chocolate almond clusters. and some other yummy things to do with nuts.

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  1. You just saved the day with this cocoa popcorn. It's totally hitting the spot for my evening sweet tooth right now!


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