guest thursday: music guru

It's all new and it's all emily. Soak up the awesomeness while you sweat.

This playlist is perfect for those dog days of summer.
Truth be told I didn't even know what that phrase meant until i looked it up:

The dog days of Summer come from the Greek belief that the constellation "Canis Major" (or Large Dog) controlled the hot temperatures of July and August.

When I'm already sweating before I even start my work-out, I need a string of music that will motivate me from start to finish, and here it is:

Ready to Start - Arcade Fire
Cosmic Love - Florence & The Machine (that's for you;)
Dumpster Diving - Castledoor
Knock You Out - DJ Tiesto feat. Emily Haines
Don't Panic - Coldplay
Love is Gone - David Guetta
Hang You From the Heavens - The Dead Weather
Bleed to Love Her - Fleetwood Mac
Young Forever - Jay Z
The Package - A Perfect Circle
Pursuit of Happiness feat. MGMT & Ratatat - Kid Cudi

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  1. Jen, your blog is amazing and inspireing! Hope you are well!


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