my ever-evolving philosophy no. 2

My body is mine forever. I can't escape it. I'm never going to just stop noticing it. Hello, I am in it. Good, bad, fat or thin, I'm always going to be aware of it. So I can exercise a little discipline & feel good in my body. Or I can ignore my body's needs & loathe it. While discipline always seems more difficult in the beginning, long term, it's the much easier, most rewarding road.


  1. such a good philophy! I'm going to try to live by this more :) your blog is always so helpful!

  2. Good reminder. Lately I've fallen off the healthy bandwagon, but I'm going to try and get back there. Do you have any tips? Maybe you could give a post about rekindling that passion to be healthy etc? That'd really help me :)

  3. i love stopping by here for inspiration. this was really poignant to me. thanks!


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