friday favorites

I've decided to squeeze all my faves into one post. This week is all about being free. Summer finally made it here and I'm feeling free as a bird.
Love these Nike N7 Free runners. Love feeling like I could just run & run [hypothetically]. Love this color the most.

Love getting a just-so-happen-to workout from a day at the pool. Read this to get some great toning ideas. Fitness Magazine.

Loving glamour's segment Calorie Math and feeling free to eat what I want, just being smart about how I do it. You can have this <--- or that ---> .

Feeling free in my yoga practice. Loving my time to refocus and breathe and sweat. Build your own practice here. image: yoga journal

Loving my water sparkling + a little lemon. Makes being a water drinker way more fun. Enjoy your weekend! I hope I'm back on Monday with a tan!

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  1. hi jenny! love your blog...i think i stumbled across it a few months ago via ashley olson taylor's. it would be fun to see you again--we should plan something all together.


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