hello motivation

My scheme to de-funk this weekend was just what I needed. I’m back and ready for action. But I’ve found I get into a little pattern which I need to break. I seem I get into ultra-motivated-mode & it’s really easy to make good choices. But then, as soon as I reach my goal, something switches in my brain & I go into vacation-mode. And while I enjoy indulging [hello! yes], I don't like indulging all the time. I don't like how I feel. And it's not fun or indulgent for me unless it's a special event or fun experience.

So I’ve decided I want to start each week with a little goal to keep me excited. Each week it will vary depending on what I need. The main purpose is to keep me from slipping into vacation-mode... which leads to schlumpy-mode. And hopefully, you can share your goals and we can all avoid schumpy-ness together.


  1. I love the idea of setting a weekly goal for improvement. My fitness goal this week: Get my run done earlier in the morning! I tend to drag my feet till its almost to late to get it done. Food Goal: Kick the diet coke habit.

  2. I like this idea. And to Lauren above..I totally need to do my exercise in the morning too, or I procrastinate and don't do it!


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