friday favorites

Love these tips to outsmart restaurant menus. women's health.

Love these she she low-cal dessert recipes from Giada. women's health.

Love a 100 calorie lemon bar recipe. fitness magazine.

Love this classic hoodie. Love the price. Fall into the gap.

Love this dvd. Pilates on the ball  with LA big-wig Maria Leone. Balanced Body.

And love when the weekend rolls around. Hope you enjoy yours my lovely readers. The hubs is getting busier and busier as his big exam approaches so I'm finding lots of ways to keep myself occupied-- cooking, yoga, new projects. I'm actually really enjoying taking a bit of time for myself [ok, so I miss him like crazy]. I would love to take a leisurely swim like this [& will love when the hubs can join me again]. Well ta ta for now. See you Monday!

pool image: Gaby Bernstein

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