fit five: melissa of fitness nyc

Hi, I’m Melissa from Fitness NYC!  I am excited to share my top five fitness “must haves” of the moment!

1]    An ipod and rockin playlist!  My ipod is my igod.  It always keeps me going!  Frequently updating my playlists keeps me looking forward to workout and time with just me and the pod.  I have lots of music suggestions on my blog, but I also look to Dori, Rachel and Tanya for music inspiration!
2]    Vitamin Water Zero—squeezed flavor.  I am so happy that there is finally a stevia sweetened flavored beverage that tastes great and has vitamins to boot!  I admit, I wish I was a plain water lover, but since I am not, this is a good alternative! True Lemon and True Lime are also great products and a slice of the actual fruit works too!
3]    Shoe wallets and/or wrist band wallets!  I love running because it is no frills!  While I can’t leave the house without keys, a shoe wallet or wrist band wallet keeps it as bare minimum as can be! A key, a metrocard (just in case), a couple bucks…and catch me if you can—you probably can J.
4]    NYRR: New York Road Runners! Have an organization that constantly organizes weekend races means I always have a goal to keep me motivated and a plethora of fellow runners to keep me inspired.  I encourage everyone to find their local road runners club of america, the running network is hard to beat.
5]    Physique 57 and Core Fusion Exhale DVDs! I love these for days when I don’t have time to leave the apartment but want to sneak in a workout or to take along when I am traveling.  They are great workouts and really get your results, plus they are a fraction of the cost of just a single class at the studio!

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