why the changes?

[hello jenny minus makeup]

To be perfectly frank, it started to feel a little sterile & health-nutty around here, which is just not me. It's important to me that this blog reflects a little more of me & a little more of my life, not just Jenny the Pilates instructor. Because what I've found through writing this blog is, everything I believe about living healthy really comes from life experience. [like--Sometimes a day at the beach can do more for my psyche & bod by extension than yoga.]

So I'm putting the living  back in healthy-living. I'm no skinny-minny-- I workout hard & enjoy food.  I love pastries & breads. And I love late night frozen yogurt runs with my hubs. I'm not prescribing any diets. And I'm not saying my way is the right way. I'm just a girl who enjoys living well & suspects that you might too.

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  1. so excited for this new addition to your blog!


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