I dare you

to say bu-by to soda [even diet]. Your risk of being of being overweight is increased by as much as 65% for every diet soft drink consumed each day.
American Dietetic Association via Fitness Magazine May 2006


  1. i actually gave up soda on march 26th, and i have just felt so good ever since! hip hip!!

  2. Hey Jenny!

    I just read the book "Skinny Bitch" and was wondering if you have read it too...and if so, what your opinion is on the info the girls/authors give out. It's not really a diet plan book, but rather a general "how to eat healthy overall" book...and they are anti meat and dairy products. And then they barely talk about the exercise factor...in terms of losing weight and staying healthy.

    Anyway...thoughts? If any...?

  3. I have heard a lot about it, but no, haven't read it yet. I may have to pick it up this weekend. It sounds just up my alley. That's basically what I believe. As far as losing weight, diet is a major factor in both losing weight and staying healthy. But your body absolutely needs exercise-- to stay toned and strong, but especially when it comes to aging & avoiding major health issues. Exercise does so much for your mental state & regulating your moods too. I personally can't eat "perfectly" so exercise is also a way to keep things balanced and in check.


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