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Whether you're a runner or not, this just might be fun. Here. Fitness & More. Find a half marathon here.


  1. I love your blog - it really does help to keep me motivated with my goals.
    Question - I can never decide which machine will be best for me when I go to the gym (between the treadmill, elliptical, StairMaster and bike). My goal is overall weight loss and toning my bum and thigh area. Any thoughts on which machine would be best for me? Thanks!
    Esther (

  2. I'm always a fan of the treadmill because you can mix it up as much as you want & really get your heart rate up. Intervals are always best for slimming down. So the more your can change up the incline and speed throughout your workout, the better. Still, just doing the treadmill can be really boring, so you can mix it up by doing 20-30 minutes on the treadmill then like 10-20 on the bike or stairmaster (I've never been a big fan of the elliptical).

  3. I'm running mine April 10th! Thanks for the inspiration!


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