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February is all about indulgences. The trouble is, the indulgences lined up in the Valentine's aisle at the grocery store only make me feel good for about 5 minutes while I'm snacking away.

This month's playlist is a solid hour of relaxing tunes perfect for the indulgent work-out. Whether it be a session of Yoga, Pilates, a ballet barre stretch-out, snowshoeing, or cross country skiing (my favorite!) reconnect with your body and treat it to the kind of indulgences it really craves. 

01. Beach Baby -- Bon Iver
02. Tear Drop -- Massive Attack
03. Don't Forget -- Martha Wainwright
04. Train Song -- Vashti Bunyan (or Feist & Ben Gibbard's cover)
05. Grace -- Kate Havnevik
06. Desert Song -- Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros
07. Crystalised -- The Xx
08. Stormy Weather -- Etta James
09. Be Here Now -- Ray LaMontagne
10. Don't Forget Me -- Neko Case
11. The Story -- Zee Avi
12. Ragged Wood -- Fleet Foxes
13. True Affection -- The Blow
14. Such Great Heights -- The Postal Service

--Emily Frame

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  1. these are some of my very favorite songs! way to rock!! looove the blog by the way, I even wrote about it on MY blog. you are and inspiration.

  2. just found this like on 'say yes to hoboken' and am super excited about this mix - you've got some goodies here

    thanks for sharing

  3. Just stumbled across this via 'say yes to hoboken' and LOVED this playlist!
    Thanks for sharing a few I didn't have yet!


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