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Meet the fab Jenn Seracuse of Lean Body Pilates, NYC. She's kicking off Have Your Cake's newest segment [FIT FIVE] with her top 5 Lean Body Life Essentials.  Go here for more Jenn. 

1. Pilates- By this, I mean any exercise that inspires you.  Pilates has changed MY life and MY body, so for me it is essential to my existence.  Do whatever works for you... just move your body.  

2. Family- Whether it is your blood related family or your friend family, surround yourself with loving and supportive people.

3. Music- "[is] the food of life" as Shakespeare so wisely said.  

4. Breakfast- Eat it.  Every day.  (And as a side note to this, if you happen to be one of those people who can start your day WITHOUT a cup of coffee... good for you.  As for me, I find the idea perposterous, and in my humble opinion, this is the coffee everyone should be drinking-

5. A good nights sleep- No explanation necessary. 

Photo: Jay Sullivan

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