on holiday

My sis and her two cute nearly-two year olds have decided to extend their visit another week and I'm totally jazzed. It's been great shopping, beaching, and narrating everything to a couple jabbering toddlers. I must say I've been pretty pleased with my eating despite feeling like I'm on vacation. Luckily, I have the type of job where I can squeeze in a workout pretty easily.... although I have found myself counting carrying a little through the sand as a cardio. So you win some and you lose some. Hopefully you're soaking up the last little bits of summer. It seems like as soon as fall hits the rest of the year just flies by.


  1. Look at the muscele tone in your arm!! jealous.

  2. look at those arms! You should post your tips to great toned arms. I need some! (strong arms, AND tips) ! ;)

  3. Its all about pilates baby!


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