playlist: happy + free run

Some days, I must admit I just need angry chick music to muster up the motivation to run. Some days however, I loooove how it feels to run & the freedom. And since I've been feeling particularly free this week, I thought I'd post my fave happy-free 30 minute run mix. This has just the right balance of ups and downs and the right sound to keep me motivated to finish with a bang. Enjoy!

1] Love Lost-- The Temper Trap

2] Dog Days Are Over-- Florence + The Machine (this whole album is golden for running/birthing)

3] Keep the Car Running-- Arcade Fire

4] North By North-- Faded Paper Figures

5] Zero-- Yeah Yeah Yeahs

6] Sweet Disposition-- The Temper Trap

7] Jump In the Pool-- Friendly Fires

8] You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb-- Spoon

Extended edition:
9] You've Got the Love-- Florence + The Machine
10] If Looks Could Kill-- Camera Obscura
11] My Moon My Man-- Feist


  1. I'm obsessed with Florence + the Machine. And your timing is perfect since I'm just about to make a new cycle playlist for tomorrow. :)

  2. oh my gosh me too. so obsessed.


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