guest thursday: just cook already

There are a few things in life that truly make me happy. One of them is my family and good friends, and the other is good food. On our website, Just Cook Already, we do our best to promote healthy and happy food that is not only easy to make, but truly makes you feel good after you eat it. We also splurge every once in awhile, because let's be honest, we all need that here and there. About this recipe: I was in Denver this past weekend and had brunch at this charming little restaurant called Washington Park Grill. I ordered myself a chicken salad sandwich, and it came on a deliciously buttered croissant roll. Yum. After eating it, I kept thinking about how I could create a similar recipe so that it would be healthier. Sadly (but not really) this included omitting the croissant. So, I created the following and I love how light it is. It totally puts me in the mood for spring, and makes me want to host a fabulous tea party.

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  1. small world so my best friend jenna created this and i post recipes on here all the time too!


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