fit five: be my guest

What are your top five can't-live-without items/foods/activities/rules? I'm dying to hear. Don't be shy. email me.


  1. Fun! I love lists! It's hard to grab at just five...but here you go...

    1. Lululemon all sport bra...I know Lulu's a big trend lately, but it really works!

    2. Yogurt...I eat some form of yogurt just about every day. If you shop intelligently, you can avoid the sugary ones with higher calories, and instead enjoy a lo-cal snack that is full of protein and tastes pretty darn great too :) My favorite is Faje's non-fat Greek yogurt, with a small drizzle of honey and some slivered almonds.

    3. Music when I run...I'm a huge fan of making playlists. My friends joke that it's one of my main "gifts." I have to have something upbeat playing when I'm doing cardio or else my work-outs tend to get cut a little short... :-/

    4. 8 Hours of zzzzzzzz's...Sure, it might cut into your social life or free time, but getting the right amount of sleep each night is a must, and I'm just now beginning to figure that out (after my mom has told me year after year after year :). I'm more alert, alive and enthusiastic about life when I haven't kept my body and mind up too late the night before!

    5. Meditation time...For me personally, it's cutting time out of my day consistently for prayer and intimate time alone with God. For others it might mean meditation of a different sort. But my day's are strikingly different when I've started them out on this foot.

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