sick day

I'm afraid I've come down with something. There will be no running today. I can barely muster this sad little post. Luckily, I've got a weekend to recover 'cause there are big things to come Monday: giveaway winner, final March Madness Giveaway, & details for all you fellow cleansers [Totally healthy. Think: how you wish you could eat all the time.]


  1. Oh, isn't that interesting--right before you were going to do a cleanse you get sick?! You're body was/is speaking to you, eh? Get well!

  2. oh I'm sorry you're sick!! That is a bummer. I ran 11 miles today (for my half marathon training) and after wards I was dehydrated and sick and SORE. oh man. any words of advise for better long distance running?

  3. woowoo! I'm not really a long distance runner. I know you should def hydrate throughout your run. I know there are some great training plans out there & tips. & are great resources. I have a lot of runnning twitterers that I follow with lots of links too, if you want to check that out.


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