flashing before my eyes

I have only days until my 25th birthday. Besides birthday pastries and shopping, I've been thinking about how I'm coming to the end & beginning of a phase. So I've started thinking of what I want to do in my next phase. And what I want to have accomplished by the time I reach that next big birthday... 30, gulp. [in no particular order]

1] get some 10k runs under my belt
2] learn to be cooler & calmer & sweeter
3] have a baby + maybe another on the way
4] get some good yoga & Pilates workshops under my belt
5] buy a reformer
6] get better at taking pictures of my life that is flashing before my eyes
7] somehow avoid crow's feet naturally
8] learn to love my body at every age
9] make my hubs feel like a million bucks
10] learn a few more cooking skills besides trial & error


  1. Hey Jenny! I don't know if you remember me, it's Valerie Kukahiko, Kristin's sister-in-law. Anyway, one of my friends featured your blog on her blog and when I clicked on it I was so excited to see that it was you! I just love your blog and I hope you and Ryan are doing great!

  2. Flash is an understatement. In 12 days I will be 50. That's twice your age. How did this happen. When did this happen. I am too young to be this old. Enjoy 25 dear Jenny. I can tell you that it was my very favorite year. 1985. Was that the year you were born? And BTW, you couldn't be any cooler, calmer or sweeter!


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