fit five: jaime wilson of embracing balance

1.    Activity – 10-20 minutes of activity every day helps keep blood pumping and energy up. I like to sit on my office floor and do a few yoga stretches or go get the mail up the street when the weather is nice.  It does a body (and mind!) good.

2.    Three Proper Meals – Breakfast, lunch AND dinner, people!  I try to include protein, complex carbs and healthy fat for each meal.  I also snack between meals, so my blood sugar doesn’t drop and send me into the “blah” zone.

3.    Water – Do I even need to explain this? J  It helps flush out waste, aids in circulation, decreases fatigue and maintains brain and nervous system functions.  And it tastes good!  I aim for 8 cups per day, and 12 cups on work out days.

4.    Treats – Everyone deserves treats once in a while.  Eat healthy often but not always.  I do trade-offs…salad for lunch, chicken for dinner…OK, jelly beans for dessert! 

5.    RelaxationRemember to breathe.  (Thank my Mom for that quote!)  Take a few moments for yourself every day…read a book, take a bath, have a dance party in your living room.  Whatever floats your boat!

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