the last 3 pounds: my little hitch

Being a newlywed and all, I'm still doing some adjusting. I'm not at all used to following someone else's schedule. Now, I eat when the hubs eats even if I've already eaten. And I like to stay in bed with him as long as possible in the morning rather getting up early to go running. Plus I've noticed that I like to make every meal a production, whereas when I was single, I'd grab something simple and be satisfied.

[fix] I need to get used to it and adjust instead of fighting it. That's life. And someday when we have little one's, [gasp] they will rule my life even more. Fine, stay in bed. But get used to running in the middle of the day & remember that rule about being flexible? oh yeah. I can do that.

What are your little hitches? I want to know. email me.

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