fit five: keary ann bixby

The fab business owner [Playa Pilates] & Pilates instructor shares her top [5] can't-live-withouts. Visit Playa Pilates here.

1.) Can't live without Vitamin D*10 minutes in the sun as many days of the year you fit in
2.) Can't live without time for myself * whether it is a few minutes reading a book, taking a bath, or fitting a workout in the time is necessary for a healthy life
3.) Can't live without my Pilates*. Abdominal strength will help my body age generously keeping my body from as much damage as possible
4.) Can't live without Neosporin* I swear i use it for everything...scrapes, cuts, scars, acne, dry skin, under my nose on flights to repel germs...even my dogs hot-spots
5.) Can't live without green vegetablessomething about how they help me digest and stay healthy makes me crave anything green if I go a day without

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