who do I think I am? regina george?

I have this inner-conflict. I'm naturally petite; not naturally skinny, but would have to work pretty hard to get "fat". So being active and eating well, while still having my fun, I'm fit and petite. Still, I'm always wishing I was about 3 pounds lighter.

I get to my ideal about once a year for a few months and then what happens? A prolonged holiday, sickness, or vacation. And then it is soooo hard for me to get back.

And so I live with this conflict. Either way I'm fit. Either way I'm on the lower end of healthy weights for my height and body type. And either way I'm still the same clothing size. But having my jeans fit looser, being a slight bit less bootylicious [sorry Beyonce] & having an actual a waist [I have the shortest waist known to man] is still so enticing.

So here's my newest goal for the year. End the conflict. a] Do all that I can to lose those last three silly pounds without going crazy & find a way to stay there with small sustainable changes. And b] If I can't find a way to have my cake and eat it too, then I'm going to get over it and love my shape just the way it is.

Lucky for you, I'll be sharing all of it here.


  1. Jenny,

    Have you read Master Your Metabolism by Jillian Michaels? I don't generally read diet books, but the whole book is about the hormones in your food and how it effects your body. ( From the actual ingredients to the plastics and metals it comes in contact with all along the way ). It is an interesting read and definitely gives you food for thought.

    Love your Blog!

  2. Sounds like your too restrictive! Just love your body the way it is...as you say it's already petite and small...why do you care about 3lbs.


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