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Something exciting every day of the week.
Feature Monday
  • Hot of the press.Weekly. I cut through the clutter so you don't have to.
  • Weekly Rules
  • Things You May Not Know
  • Giveaways
Taste This Tuesday
  • Weekly Recipe
  • Try It. I try health foods & tell you what I think.
  • Amazing Foods
  • Food Guides
Do It Wednesday
  • I Dare You. Weekly.
  • Events
  • Meal Plans
Guest Thursday
  • Fit Five. Weekly. The top five items/rules/activities other bloggers can't live without.
  • Guest Features
  • Music Guru [Next: February!]
  • Input from you
Happy Friday
  • Indulgences & Pleasures. Because life should be full. Healthy living isn't about being perfect.
  • Get it. Great gear & what to wear when you're working out.
  • + all the things that make healthy living fun.

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