getting to know you

It is high time we become better acquainted with one another. Please do me the pleasure of sharing your version of the following by leaving a comment or posting on your own blog. Don't be shy! Here’s a little about me.

I live in… my grey hard tail leggings & my warm gap vest
My chosen workout… When I need to get straight to the point: Pilates & running. I do, however, always love a nice intense yoga practice or a nice long walk.
I eat way too many… bagels
I look forward to… owning my own Pilates Studio, having babies, traveling the world, & celebrating many big wedding anniversaries with my hubs.
I try to live healthily because… I think being healthy & happy is the most valuable thing I can do for myself and those around me. 


  1. I live in: jeans, jeans, and jeans
    My chosen workout: is something different every day. I get bored easily!
    I eat way too many: sweets. Any and all, dang it.
    I look forward to: my baby turning one. It's gone by so fast!
    I try to live healthily because: it makes me feel better about myself.

    Love your blog. Thanks for the daily insight and inspiration!

  2. hey jenny!
    love your blog! here are my answers...
    I Live In: as little as possible when at home :)
    My Chosen Workout: I need variety or I get bored, my favs are swimming, biking, pilates, Jillian Michaels Trouble Zones DVD, yoga, walking
    I Eat Way Too Many: carbs. i heart bread.
    I Look Forward To: babies, owning a house, having my own chair at work, traveling, having my hubby finish school!
    I Try To Live Healthily Because: it makes me feel good

  3. Your blog is so great, i read it every day!
    I Live In: jeans & dressy clothes. (I work LOTS)
    My Chosen Workout: I LOVE yoga. I haven't done it for a few months now, because of my crazy work schedule, and I totally miss it. I also love stretching, dancing, and running.
    I Eat Way Too Many: yummy treats! haha oh but I love them!
    I Look Forward To: Getting old with my husband, having babies, and growing close as a family, LIFE!
    I Try To Live Healthily Because: It feels amazing to be healthy and to exercise all the time, i love it.

  4. Hello! A bit about me...
    I live in... a state of chaos, in one form or another.
    My chosen workout... is usually long walks with my kiddos, or something I can pop into the DVD player.
    I eat way too many... cookies, brownies, or other baked goods.
    I look forward to... being able to stay in one place and having my own house. Military life isn't conducive to a stable lifestyle.
    I try to live healthily because... I want to be able to keep up with my kids, feel better about myself, and not have major health problems as I get older.

  5. love your blog... and finally decided to comment.

    I Live In: my patagonia pullover

    My Chosen Workout: I LOVE swimming, but its too cold during winter, so I started running and the elliptical...

    I Eat Way Too Many: sweet treats

    I Look Forward To: Getting married someday and eventually looking back at all my photos of the day.

    I Try To Live Healthily Because: Its the biggest favor i can do for my body... after all, it's done so much for me.

  6. i live in h&m basic tunics & leggings -- or my boyfriend's shorts & white tees.

    my chosen workout is a good session on the treadmill/pilates, but lately i've been burning calories with intense apartment-cleaning sessions & errands around manhattan.

    i eat way too many homemade smoothies..! sometimes three a day -- but they're easy, 100% healthy & i get a ton of greens in my diet that way.

    i look forward to figuring out just what is going to make me happiest in this life -- count me in as another confused twenty-something.

    i try to live healthily because i believe in taking the high road..! junk food brings me nothing but negativity & i just don't need that in my life or my body! i feel more complete when i'm eating right, being active & treating my bod with respect.

  7. Hi! I'm Jen....
    I live in… sweatpants, sweaters and ugg moccasins {when I'm not's cold right now!}
    My chosen workout… walking and running! {i also loooove yoga, but don't get to practice much any more}
    I eat way too many… sweets.
    I look forward to… having babies and watching them grow....and summer!
    I try to live healthily because… I feel like a better me when I do.

    thanks so your blog!


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