my music guru

I've been piggy-backing off my awesome friend emily's rockstar music taste since we were roomies many moons ago. She's still awesome. And I'm still piggy-backing. She put together this fab playlist for about 30 minutes of cardio just for you. Enjoy! Check out more of my stylist/rockstar/mommy-to-be friend here.

getting a good cardio work-out in is something i dread at the beginning but end up feeling so good during and after. this playlist is perfect for a stretch, warm-up, run/jog, and cool down. to sustain a 30 minute run, i need music with beats that pump me up and push me through when my legs start feeling noodle-ish. 

01. les artistes - santogold (stretch)
02. help i'm alive (warm-up) - metric
03. four songs & a fight - the sounds
04. panic switch - silversun pickups
05. baba o'reilly - the who 
06. special - mew
07. what to do - ok go
08. love is a battlefield - pat benatar
09. turn to stone - electric light orchestra
10. lullaby (mountain) - the acorn (cool down)

we all need that mid-work out swift kick in the pants (#5), and that truly embarrassing 80's ballad to sing along breathlessly to (#8.) since my schedule and preference usually put me working out at night, a cool down is vital before i hit the sack. the more soothing the better. (#10)


  1. your blog is so inspiring! in recent years with stress and illness i've really lost my groove, but it's coming back and you are helping. thank you!

  2. That's my sis!! love the playlist.

    thanks Jenny for the fun post... glad it's not just me who sings along while trying to exercise.

  3. I'm thrilled to find your blog! I love Emily's style, and I'm excited to add a few of these to my playlist. Thank You!


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