my favorite street

I love running down this street because I don't feel like I'm in LA. It just seems so quiet. I feel like I'm in a quaint town somewhere with hundred year old trees. I love that there are always people walking their dogs and cute old ladies out for a stroll.

forgive me for the blurred camera phone photo


  1. run in pasadena. youd love it

  2. lovely! I'm a runner and am headed to LA next week...mind if I ask where that's at? I'd love to get in a scenic run while there. :)

  3. It's Purdue in the West LA/Mar Vista. Unfortunately this is only a small block that is this cute... So if you don't mind a little yuck mixed in with the scenic, it's great. Santa Monica or Playa Del Rey Beaches are always great too. Playa Del Rey is a little less crowded and has free parking on the street right by the beach! [Take Culver Blvd and head west.]


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