I dare you

Try something new... a spinning class, a pluot [a plum mixed with an apricot], a new walking route, that new yoga studio you've been noticing, or hey, even Pilates.


  1. i used to do pilates a few years ago and i miss it. do you have any dvds your recommend for me to get back into it?

  2. There's a great toning pilates video by Karen Voight. It's called Total Body Pilates [with a magic circle]. You can order the circle at pilates.com, they also include a video with several exercises. You can also check out the videos at pilates.com. They have a lot. All should be good. They offer some more advanced workouts if you've been doing Pilates for a while. Karen Voight's is great for a pilates newbie because it's simple yet effective. She mixes in some other pilates-like toning excercises too


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