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Meet the gorge Tikoa, Actress and Manager of Allure Pilates Spa. Born and raised in New York City, she did lots and lots of walking. Since LA life is a little different, she swears by Pilates to keep her in shape.

In one hour I can get a total body work out without putting any strain on my joints and knees, not to mention the complete change in my posture.

How do you treat yourself?
I hit the Korean spa a couple times a month, for hours at a time.

What's a day for you like?
I wake up at 5:30am walk my dog Laila for about 20min with a cup of tea. I usually have an apple or some kind of fruit as i get ready for work
I get to work at 645am, I teach a 7am Pilates class so that's usually when i get my first (but short) workout of the day. After teaching all morning ill have a quick snack at 9 am, usually nuts and dried berries
11 is when I have lunch (for the past month Ive been obsessed with the antioxidant salad (from green leef) with a side of salmon) Deevine!
1pm I'll try to get in a full hour Pilates workout (not every day, 3x a week)
230pm ill have a half of a wrap or a soup
5pm I'll have dinner, usually turkey or fish and sometimes veggies sometimes rice
630 pick my dog up from the sitter and walk her for about 30 minutes
730 I'll have a piece of dark chocolate or a glass of wine (sometimes both) a couple times a week That would be the last time I eat for the day. I will continue to drink water though which I do a lot of throughout the day. I try to drink 1 glass of water every waking hour.

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